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Marketing Essentials: Colorado Springs Small Business


Marketing Essentials: Colorado Springs Small Business

Marketing has become colossal in scope. You know this because, as a small business owner, you are likely pestered every day by companies from the US and abroad that promise to help you with your digital marketing (I know I get them). The truth is, some of these companies can help you, but some are likely a waste of time.

I am very passionate about marketing. I believe that an educating a business owner to make the smartest choices is going to help the owner, the customer, and the marketing industry as a whole. With this in mind, I wanted to share the top 5 local marketing platforms at the moment.

Facebook Marketing- The sniper rifle of marketing. The level of granularity is ridiculous- are you a real estate agent looking to identify people looking to move and only have 2 lines of credit? Check. Check. Facebook pulls data from a variety of sources, including the information that you don’t even realize you give it.

Facebook is free because… information!

SEO- Many an SEO folk are focused on content. Content is not king, maybe on the small council (GoT reference!), but in the local market links are king. If you aren’t getting links from quality sources… start now! Some of the best links available in this market are from the Better Business Bureau, the Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance, news sources like the Gazette, KOAA, KRCC, etc… and

If you are having trouble coming up with places to get links, think about where links would make the most sense. Again, to use realty as an example, a link from a movers website would be a great idea!

Adwords- By far the best platform on the market. Use Google’s Keyword Planner tool to identify the budget for your keyword phrases.

Directories- Google your keyword phrase that you want to look for. Identify the top 20 directories and make sure your information in each is up to date. This includes photos.

Google Trusted Photographers- It’s not just about getting traffic, you need to be able to convert that traffic into a quality source.

Don’t Forget…

Traditional Advertising- Sometimes the digital marketing space is closed. Look to advertising agencies in the Colorado Springs area to see if your efforts and money is best spent.

The idea is to know your customer, get a feel for where they are looking, and get in front of them.

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