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Links: Why are they so Important for Small Businesses?

Link Building for Small Businesses

Links: Why are they so Important for Small Businesses?

Some small business owners can learn SEO. If you consider yourself one of those individuals and have been doing a little bit of research on SEO for your business, you might have come across a term called link building. This may seem like a vague concept and are wondering why these links even matter for a small business owner in a local city like Colorado Springs. Surprisingly, links are one of the most vital things when it comes to building your rank on search engine results pages. When people search things like “Colorado Springs Chiropractor” or “Plumbers near me” the results that come up on the first page of Google are influenced by the number of links that they have collected.

Now, what are links? Links come in two primary forms: Inbound Links and Outbound Links. Inbound links are any link that goes to your site from another site. An example of an inbound link would be receiving a link from the Better Business Bureau. If you received an accreditation from them, you would then have a profile on the BBB website that internet users can view, then click on a link to visit your website. Inbound links are much more significant in terms of rank building as opposed to their counterpart: outbound links. Outbound links are any links that go from your site to another website. An example would be linking to a manufacturer’s website to show customers where you get your materials.

Link building  is the practice of collecting links (inbound and outbound) to help increase your website’s rank higher up on the search engine results page. Preferably, you want to collect more inbound links from highly credible websites that are in your field of business.

For example, if you are a roofing company in Colorado Springs, you would want to collect links from places like Home Advisor and Angie’s List. If you are a lawyer, you would want to collect links from Justia and Lawyers.com. The type of links that will positively grow your business will change based on what kind of business you own. The fields change, and the link authority changes along with it.

How do you start getting links?

This is the hard part. Link building requires an incredible amount of work and dedication, then it takes more time after you get the links to get rank results. As a small business owner, you can start gathering links from as many “guides” as possible—dependent on the field that you are in. Guides include sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Home Advisor, etc. These links are also called citations—any place where your business name, address and phone number is listed. Another way to get links is to write guest blog posts on websites in your field. You could also get links from local news stations like KRDO and the Gazette.

Link building takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. This is where digital marketing companies come in handy. We know exactly what kinds of links work best for the industry that you are in, and we can get them without you having to lift a finger.

Classy Brain, for example, has worked with many local doctors, contractors, and lawyers in all different types of fields. We’ve worked with Chiropractors, home builders, plumbers, electricians, tax lawyers, criminal defense lawyers, and more. Each field has its own unique set of links that can give them an advantage over the Colorado Springs competition.

Links are vital for small businesses, because it allows them to compete with the larger companies in their field. If your local business is on the first page of Google, right next to the giant conglomerate in your industry, people now have the option to choose between them and you.

Give yourself the best chance at business and start link building today.



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