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What is the Likelihood that Someone Will Leave Your Business a Review?

Blumenthal's Study on Consumer Review Times

What is the Likelihood that Someone Will Leave Your Business a Review?

As a small business owner, you value the personal relationships that you have with your customers. There’s something so much more personal and intimate when you are a small company, and that often is the difference between you and the big box conglomerate in your industry. That being said, getting positive reviews from your customers can make a huge difference in terms of your search engine rank and your overall SEO profile.

Getting reviews is a very significant rank signal when it comes to bumping up your website onto the first page of Google. Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, industry related review platforms like Home Advisor or Angie’s List, all of these count towards the overall credibility of your business, your services, and your products, which, in turn, tells search engines that you are credible and worthy of rank.

It can be difficult to get these reviews, however. Mike Blumenthal, a leading expert in SEO, performed a 3 year study that measured people’s willingness to write a review, the time period that they wrote that review, then the age demographics of those most likely to write reviews. Blumenthal claimed that the likelihood for customers to leave reviews for a business is steadily increasing over time, using data to confirm that “consumers are ever more willing to leave reviews and some are willing to leave them very frequently.” The number of people who claimed that they never leave reviews is slowly decreasing.

The SEO review analysis found that 25% of individuals left at least one review per year, 26% left 1-5 reviews per year, 8% left 6 to 11 reviews per year, and 5% left over 12 reviews per year. This number is also constantly growing as time moves on. Reviews are getting easier to access, especially through the help of QR codes, mobile friendly review options, follow up email communication, and more. The data also confirmed that 25-35 year olds were the most likely to leave reviews frequently or very frequently, but the 65 age group was a close runner up!

Blumenthal's Study on Consumer Review Times

Now, how do YOU, as a small business owner, start getting reviews? You need to start asking. The more you ask and the easier you make it for customers to do, the more likely you will get a satisfied review. Get printed out instructions, send a direct link via email, or even hire a digital marketing company. If you want to rank, you need to start getting reviews. It is as simple as that. You can take this data analysis to your advantage, by recognizing that people are more willing than ever to leave a good company a good review.

If you have questions about how to start getting reviews or are thinking about hiring a professional in the SEO industry to take charge of your website’s rank profile, Classy Brain is an excellent choice. We are a Colorado Springs SEO company ready to take risks and get you results. Contact us today for a free analysis on your website.

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