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Facebook Advertising

Leverage Facebook as a smart advertising area to reach your exact audience, on your budget. Generate serious return on investment for your business marketing.

Our Approach

We have extensive experience with advertising on Facebook, and we can help you know the right approach, ad-locations, and copy to use to turn your ad audience into paying customers. We interview you to determine your business goals, and then we help you create ads that will encourage them to click through and connect with you.

Target your Audience

We help you define your niche for the campaign, to reach only those most likely to buy.

Position your Ad

Based on your goals and budget, we recommend the ad placement that is most likely to return good results.

Effective Messaging

We run audience testing to identify the message that is most likely to get a positive response.

Evaluate the Campaign

We evaluate the campaign and provide recommendations for how to improve your click-through and conversion.


Get Targeted Results

When it comes to advertising, many business owners take a megaphone approach - just get the message out there as much as possible, to as many people as possible. It can be difficult to track whether this type of advertising is generating the results you expect for the cost.

Facebook paid advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your specific audience. Whether you seek to appeal to people of a specific age, gender, zip code, or even interest set, you ensure your message gets to the right eyes for your product or service using ads in Facebook's feed.

Why it Works

Like other search engines, Facebook aims to provide engaging content and connections to its user base. Because of the information people provide on their Facebook profile and the way they interact with their newsfeed, they can be identified as having certain likes, dislikes, and tendencies.

Facebook studies how people interact with their digital realm, and based on those interactions, serve advertisements that are most likely to be interesting to their users. Using Facebook's ad platform tools, you can go right to where your fan base lives. This precise focus allows you to spend less money and reach the people who are most likely to care about your product or service.


Affordable, Effective Ads

We can get you started with a Facebook advertising campaign on your budget. Whether you are looking to spend $20 or $2000, we will help your ads find their target and start working for your business.

Strategic ad copy and design to attract click-through

Ad positioning that works, based on our extensive experience.

Solid demographic targeting to only reach the clients who matter most

Start seeing ROI for your paid advertising today

Free Analysis!