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CB Friday News- 02.16.2018

SEO News

CB Friday News- 02.16.2018

This industry changes fast. To keep up, we read a lot of articles–not all marketing-related. Sometimes we come across really interesting tech news.

With that in mind, here are some of the things we found interesting most over the last week.


High School GMB Porn Link


Some high school students influenced their high school’s Google My Business page link. We assume they did this by “Suggesting an Edit” in the businesses knowledge panel on Google Maps or Google Search. It’s a common sentiment among marketers/business owners that it’s troubling that users are able to do this.

Recently, Mike Blumenthals raised the same questions with Google’s newest feature to the knowledge panel–Google Q&A. Anyone can ask questions about any business, marking the question as “Helpful”, and getting it to show in the knowledge panel. Right now at least, the good news is that moderation response times are quick. This indicates spam reports are being handled by the Google team in the US. Once this rolls out fully it may be switched over to the team in India, and may be slower.

In other words, anyone with a Google account can influence a panel anymore. Scary times.


Want a Link From Harvard?

Need a post on Harvard.edu about your ICO? $500, please

Everybody in SEO understands links are one of the best rank signals at the moment. Since they are so important, there is a market to purchase them. Most of the markets are not worth participating in. Most of these links are low-quality. This is generally known, so you can imagine my surprise when Tech Crunch posted an article about the availability of legitimate links on the Harvard website.

The links cost $500. For that cost, an article will be written for you and hosted on a subdomain on Harvard.edu. I can’t imagine this will be around much longer, seeing as the news has gotten a hold of the story. Still incredibly fascinating.


Jake Paul- Equal Parts Bro/Marketing Genius


Jake Paul has a $54 social media course, teaching you how to be an influencer. The course is no joke either. It covers influencer marketing on the following: SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Music.ly, and of course… YouTube. It even has courses on how to edit your videos, what applications to use, and equipment recommendations.

He doesn’t hold back, sharing post-timing secrets and optimization techniques that only someone deeply familiar with different algorithms would have. I for one, am really surprised by his savvy. In retrospect, you realize of course he understands all of this. How could someone that close to the top not?


Amazon Echo “Wake Word” Patent


Ever wonder how Amazon Echoes don’t trigger during commercials? Yeah me neither, that is until I saw a patent that describes how it works.

From the patent: “A local device may receive a wake word or audible command transmitted or uttered in a television or radio advertisement, program, broadcast, etc. In these instances, the local device should disregard such wake words and audible commands…”.

Basically, a frequency outside of human hearing is sent at the beginning of the commercial, telling the Alexa to disregard wake words for the duration of the commercial. Mystery solved.


Startups Making Weird Names


Foods and animals is the name of the game. Pick an animal or food and throw a snappy adjective in front of it: Fat Llama, Lunch Badger, Purple Squirrel… you get it.

This seems to be an update from just throwing “ly” at the end of things. Of course, with the other trend being *cough, using a nerdy-themed name.

Part of the reasoning for these trends—a business needs the URL for their brand. It has to be an exact match (for a variety of reasons). A lot of URL’s have been purchased, and potential brand names have been taken. With the limited availability, businesses get creative with names.


Well that’s all we have for this week. We hope you found these as interesting as we did. See you guys next week!

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