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5 SEO Tips for a Colorado Springs Business

Colorado Springs SEO

5 SEO Tips for a Colorado Springs Business

Colorado Springs is a rapidly growing area, both in terms of population and small businesses. There are so many opportunities for small business owners to succeed in the Springs, as it has spans a gigantic area and has a wide variety of consumer groups that are in need of many services. Whether you are a Lawyer in downtown Colorado Springs or a Dentist by Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs is your business’s home, and we want you to succeed.

Being a local business, you might have thought about Search Engine Optimization for your COS company. Because Colorado Springs is so vast, it is important to pay attention to your digital presence and how you compete with all of the other-like businesses in this urbanizing city. That’s where your website’s rank—your position on a search engine results page—comes into play. If you are on the first page of Google, you will have a better chance of beating out your competition, getting more customers, and gaining a larger profit than you otherwise would have. SEO is vital for local Colorado Springs Businesses, so we have put together 5 quick tips to jumpstart your site’s digital presence.


1) Get a Google My Business Account

This is simply a necessity for all businesses in Colorado Springs. A Google My Business Listing appears on the right hand side of the google search engine results page, and lists a business’s website, address, phone number, hours of operation, and so much more. If you are unfamiliar with Google My Business, check out our latest blog post on how to set up a GMB account. If you already have a GMB listing, it is essential to optimize it to the best of your ability by updating outdated information, checking for accuracy, and getting Google Reviews. This will help people find your business, and the more positive reactions and reviews that your customers leave on your GMB listing, the more clients you will get.


2) Get a Listing in all of the Directories in your Industry

This is another important step in optimizing your site and getting a better ranking. Directories like Home Advisor, Yellowpages, or Angie’s Lists are the virtual phone books of the internet. They also vary in terms of the particular industry of business. For example, Colorado Springs Lawyers would need to get profiles in guides like Justia, Lawyer.com, or Find Law. If you are a Physician in Colorado Springs, then guides like Health Grades, Doximity, or WebMD would be best suited for you. Getting these listings helps your overall SEO profile, as it gives you a link to your website, gives customers a place to review you, and verifies your business’s location.


3) Start a Blog

Blogs are one of the best ways to add relevant content to your website. Google, as a search engine machine, wants to give internet searchers a good user experience, and having updated, informed content is a huge part of that. Blogging about relevant topics in your field allows you to post new content without having to build out gigantic pages, and gives your customers another route to learn about you and what you do. So whether you are an electrician or a home builder, a plumber or a chiropractor, you should start blogging today.


4) Have an “Areas Served” page

A helpful Colorado Springs SEO tip is to create an “Areas Served” page that will go on your website. This page is a place to talk (in detail) about all of the neighborhoods, zip codes, or even cities that your business services. Having local keywords is very important when you are trying to rank in a city like the Springs, because it gives Google a better idea of where you are, who you serve, and when to put your site on a search engine results page. Take this page as an opportunity to help both Google and your customers to find your business.


5) Get a Story in the News

This might be the most difficult SEO tip for small businesses in Colorado Springs to achieve. However, even though it is hard to obtain, it will be well worth it. If you can get a news story in one of the local news agencies in Colorado Springs, then you will receive a pretty powerful link. Links are so important for small businesses, because the more links that you have, the more Google trusts you as an authoritative source, and will therefore rank you higher. Getting local links from places like KKTV, KRDO, KOAA 5, or even like the Gazette or Colorado Springs Independent will look great for your SEO profile. To get this link, you could do something like host or sponsor a local event, do something big for your community, or have your employees volunteer for something. You’ll have to be creative with this one, but it will be worth it in the end.


SEO for local businesses is an enormous field, and these 5 tips are just the surface. If you are interested in improving your website’s digital presence, we can help. Classy Brain is an expert at SEO in Colorado Springs and loves helping small businesses succeed. Contact us today for a free analysis on your site and to start talking about what is next for your business’s SEO.



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